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Our Core PCI-DSS Compliant Services

BCH has a proven track record in delivering a range of solutions: solutions which recognise diverse business needs; solutions tailored to your precise requirements; solutions which are feature rich and fully scalable; and solutions which are secure and resilient. .

Streamlines card payments to dramatically reduce your live agent costs and maximise your revenues. Payments are securely processed agent free, anytime and anywhere.

Payment Lines

Implement into any call centre environment. Remove the chore of managing existing on-site legacy hardware. Fully descope your environment.

Live Agent

Ideal for multi-channel revenue capture. Complements BCH's existing solutions. Generate  payment requests via SMS, email, web chat, or any other social media channel

Pay by Link

A softphone-based (VoIP)  system suitable for all business models. It connects directly to your office network, and thereafter to BCH’s Level 1 PCI compliant platform.

Hosted PBX
Our Integrated PCI-DSS Compliant Services

A "one size fits all" PCI DSS solution simply doesn't exist. That's why BCH products are designed to integrate with any call centre environment, as well as accommodate any existing legacy systems.

Transfer customers to our PCI platform to process asecure live payments.

Remote Agent

When customers are ready to make payment, simply request a call from our automated PCI compliant service. The service will guide them through a secure  process to complete payment.

Hybrid Automated

Ideal for collection teams, use our dedicated outbound solution to call customers and complete PCI compliant payments.

Payment Phone

Our outbound diallers can minimise errors, reduce the cost of calls and increase the efficiency of your collection department.

Dialler Solutions
Our Original Solutions

Since its inception in 2001, BCH Digital has remained a pioneer in the supply and development of flexible, feature rich and easy-to-use cloud-based telephony.  Thousands of customers use a variety of solutions, all designed, developed  and supported by BCH for more than 20 years. 

Call Recording comes as standard on all BCH solutions. You can search, play back and download from the BCH AWS Servers.


Using SMS & Voice BCH will ensure your systems and customer data remains secure.


Create call conferences on the fly, or for regular meetings, use our Conference+ service to schedule your meetings in advance. The service will automatically call your participants at the start of each scheduled conference.


A suite of SMS services, which can be used  either standalone or integrated into our BCH voice solutions. Solutions include Help desk, SMS to Email, SMS Marketing and Broadcast Messaging.

SMS Broadcast 
& Helpdesk
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