Our Core Services

We have a proven track record in delivering a range of solutions to recognise the diverse range of business needs; solutions that are feature-rich and fully scalable; solutions that are resilient; and that are tailored to the clients requirements.


Hosted PayTel solutions removes any PCI-DSS obstacles related to telephony payments. As an approved Level 1 PCI-DSS provider, we’ve already secured full compliance, so you won’t have to worry.

Woman on Phone

Remove the need for organisations to manage any on premise legacy hardware, and allow employees to work from anywhere, whilst maintaining compliance and management.

Call Center

A cloud-based solution to fit into any call centre environment. This removes the need for organisations to manage any on-premise legacy hardware and allow employees to work from anywhere.

Call Recording

Call recording is an integral part of business today. Recording calls to monitor agents’ performance helps to ensure great customer service and meet regulatory requirements (GDPR and MiFID II).


Since 1999, BCH has been transforming inbound call management solutions with its innovative and feature-rich cloud telephony platforms.

Woman Texting

BCH has a complete portfolio of SMS services available and has been a market leader in developing and delivering SMS solutions to its clients.

Online Discussion

Our suite of call conference solutions fit the exact needs of any organisation, whether it be small ad-hoc conferences, right through to large conferences.

Key Lock

Adding multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security on top of your user’s passwords and will help prevent unauthorised activity.