Hosted PBX

A Phone System for Office and Home Workers

BCH's Hosted PBX is a softphone-based system suitable for all business models. It connects directly to your office network, and thereafter to BCH’s Level 1 PCI compliant platform. Whether you have a sizable existing PBX where you just want to make or receive a few PCI compliant phone calls, or instead want to provision a completely new PCI compliant system, PayTel Hosted PBX is a proven convenient and cost-effective solution to fit all business models.

If your organisation makes or receives just a few calls subject to PCI regulations, you can opt for a PCI compliant cluster of extensions. Alternatively, you can take the opportunity to completely overhaul your existing phone system. Whatever you decide, each and every call you take or make is automatically descoped from PCI. You simply don’t have to worry about compliance wherever your agents are based.
Each Hosted PBX extension is associated with a ‘virtual terminal’, a web page where details of every individual payment transaction is entered. Sensitive card details, entered directly by your customers, are suppressed from calls. They are never recorded, nor can they be heard or transcribed by agents; they are used purely to perform a transaction.
All standard PBX facilities are available including, making calls, receiving calls, transferring calls, recording calls, full reporting suites, presence and phonebook applications.