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Hosted PBX
A flexible and feature rich IP phone system

BCH's Hosted PBX is an IP-based phone system designed specifically for SMEs with 3 to 250 users.

The system makes calls over the internet, to provide real flexibility on how calls are made and received, whether your staff are in the office, working from home or on site.

The BCH IP phone system delivers everything a traditional PBX does, but without the need for physical installation; it's all managed in the Cloud. All that's need is an internet connection to make and receive calls.

Key Features

Calls are received and delivered via our Secure Data Environments & Tier 1 Network partners

Key Features & Benefits
  • Call queuing & hunt-group distribution modes

  • Disaster recovery switching

  • Cold, warm & conference transfers

  • User-based call recording

  • User dashboard control 

  • Live call monitoring

  • Preview dialler

  • Personalised voicemails

  • Call scheduling for working hours & special dates

  • IVR call flow builder

  • Full call reporting suite & configurable wallboards

  • Two way SMS messaging

  • Level 1 PCI DSS compliant

  • Integrated with HubSpot

Designed for Flexibility and Ease of Use 

The days of complicated telephone systems requiring a team of engineers required to make the simplest of changes are long gone. The BCH IP Phone system has been created to provide maximum flexibility. It's packed full of rich features, with a friendly user interface to manage your call handling requirements quickly & efficiently. 

Our team of experts are on hand to configure your initial configuration and happy to make change requests if you prefer a managed solution. For those users needing to make changes themselves to deal with the demands of their day-to-day calling, our user-friendly management portal provides full control of all aspects of the system.

Whether your requirements are for a small team making mainly internal calls, or you have several teams of agents each making and receiving calls from hundreds of customers 24x7, our solutions can be configured and flexed accordingly. 

We don't hide features behind upgrades; all are available to all users, so you can develop your phone solution without fear of additional subscription charges

Inbound Call Management

You can assign direct lines for individuals, with minimal configuration and your main business numbers can be routed via an IVR Call Flow with the caller automatically directed to the department they need.

Use the Service Scheduler to configure your normal working hours and set up Bank Holidays to deal with any one-off changes, with calls then delivered via an IVR Call Flow. The IVR can be as simple as a greeting message, or several layers of menus as you guide callers to the most suitable team of users. 

Once the caller has reached the correct destination they can be placed in a Queue until a member of the team becomes available. Whilst queuing, comfort messages can be played to the caller, depending on their position in the queue and waiting time, with the option to Breakout from the queue and leave a voicemail message for a call back.


Once the caller has reached the top of the queue the system will select the an appropriate agent, which can be configured as the Longest Waiting, or Skill Based, and then deliver them to the user, no matter whether they're using PC based Softphone, SIP Handset, Mobile or PSTN Home Phone.

Inbound Numbering

If you already have numbers then moving them to BCH follows a standard porting practice between most Telephone Network Operators, and can normally be completed in a couple of weeks, with no noticeable downtime.

If you are looking for new numbers then we can supply the full range both UK and international numbers, you can select from any of the 600+ UKs geographic area codes, or non-geographic numbers such as 0800 and 0330 ranges. If you need a local presence in other countries then we can provide both International and International Freephone numbers.

Need more numbers for additional advertising campaigns? Then use our Number Manager to instantly request new numbers directly from the network which can be assigned and configured within a matter of seconds.

Call Recording

If your GDPR policies require you to record customer calls then call recording can be added to all our services and are available to search, playback and review the moment a call is completed. 

Call recordings are stored as standard for twelve months in our secure datacentres and instantly available via our online playback solution. We can extend the storage period to up to seven years for a modest additional storage fee or they can be downloaded to your local management solution.

Our playback portal allows instant retrieval by searching by number, date/time or by agent. A full audit log of all call recording search and playback is maintained through the life of the recording.

The recording database also allows for configurable meta data to be included with each call, allowing you to audit store Notes, Check Boxes and Ratings for later retrieval and searching.

User's Portal

With today’s flexible working practices, your users may need to be able to make and receive calls from multiple locations and devices, so each user can configure multiple personal extensions including softphones, a physical handset or personal mobiles from the user web portal.

Within the portal, users can manage their extension divert, view recent call history, see the presence status of all their colleagues and access global and personal contacts list. 

Sales Team Presence.PNG

Additionally, any other options that have been configured are also instantly available from within the same portal including Two Way SMS, Audio Conferencing, and both the Pay-By-Link and Live Call Payments for secure card payments.

Hold & Transfer

Whether a user has received or made a call, working from their SIP handset or mobile number, all standard call handling features are available. Callers can be quickly placed on hold using the telephone key-pad and then transferred to a colleague using their extension number or from the presence page.

Transferring a caller can either be done cold, where the caller is transferred without checking the status of the recipient before-hand, (routing to their voicemail if not delivered,) or users can wait for the recipient to answer before handing over as a warm transfer.

If required, a conference transfer can also be initiated allowing, all three parties to be involved in the call during the transfer.

SMS Messaging

The User Portal, as standard, enables staff to send SMS messages to individual customers at any time, to confirm appointments, acknowledge receipt, apologies for missing a call or for a host of other reasons.

Users can select a customer from their contact address, enter a number manually or using a number during a live call. Message can be typed free hand or selected from pre-stored template messages.

As standard the messages are delivered from your 'Company Name', and can't therefore be replied to. If two-way messaging is required then 07 Virtual Numbers can be provided, that can receive both SMS and Voice  and replace the user’s direct line if required.

Report Suite

Included as standard is a full report suite providing real time wallboards, automated daily, weekly and monthly reports and a wide range of summary and detailed reports that can be generated on demand.

Our Wallboards are fully configurable, allowing you select the metrics and parameters that you're most interest in, whether that's available or busy agents, the number of calls received in the last hour or so far today, or how many callers are queuing and what the longest wait time currently is.

All the on-demand reports are provided instantly, quickly providing tabular data that can be exported into excel for onward presentation, or for regular reporting, as excel reports that can be automatically emailed to individuals on the day/time required.


With our report grouping options you can quickly produce reports on the only the information data you require, whether that's specific queues, inbound numbers or teams of users.

Security & Payment Card Processing

BCH Digital is a PCI-DSS Level 1 provider, so you can relax in the knowledge that yours and you customers data securely managed because our processes are externally audited every year, and the our systems can scanned for vulnerabilities every quarter.


Being PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant means that if you take card payments from your customers over phone then BCH can ensure that your organisation can be descoped from the rigors of PCI compliance by either using our Live Payment solution or the Pay By Link service.

You can retain your existing Payment Service Provider or if you are looking to setup a Merchant Account then we can provide you with competitive terms through our Partners.

Handset & Softphones

Our systems are designed to work with standard IP handsets, or our Softphone available to download from the Windows Store. 

We supply pre-programmed Yealink or Polycom handsets, or if you already have handsets that can be unlocked from original suppliers we’ll happily guide you through re-programming them for our systems. If you prefer to source your own handsets then we are also happy to provide programming instructions.

You can mix and match handsets across all your users; some users are happy to work on their workstation with headphones & mic's, others prefer a traditional handset and some of us prefer a DEC phone, allowing us to pace up and down our offices!

The Small Print

BCH Digital's IP Phone system was designed, developed, maintained and supported by our own team of engineers, which puts us in an envious position as we're not tied to other suppliers terms and conditions, we can therefore pass those benefits to our customers.

There are no long term contracts, no hidden costs and no early termination fees - we understand that business requirements change over time and accept that if our solution no longer matches your requirements then we're not going to hold you back.

Any handsets we supply are not locked to our network and can be easily re-programmed, and if you want to move your numbers then we have porting arrangements with most of the UK networks or we can provide a simple divert plan whilst the numbers are phased out.

  • What is VoIP and why do I need it for my business?
    Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, allows users to make calls via the internet rather than a traditional phone system. VoIP converts sounds into digital communication and then transfers it through the internet to the phone receiver. With the UK's ISDN network due to be switched off in 2025, it is the only future proof system for your business.
  • Are VoIP calls good quality?
    Yes, you’ll get the same level of clarity as you do with a regular landline (depending on the set-up of your system and the internet connection, call quality may even be better). Calls made over your internet connection take priority over data, so you can be sure that your call quality will be consistent.
  • What's the minimum internet speed for a Cloud VoIP solution
    The speed you need basically depends on a how many people will be on the phone at the same time and how much data your business uses. You might think you need fibre broadband, but this isn’t necessarily the case as a VoIP call only uses a fraction of your broadband's capacity.
  • Can I use my existing telephone numbers?
    Yes, for sure - we can move the telephone number to our platform, alternatively we can supply new numbers in any range including: 0800, 0330, 07, All UK Area Codes and International Freephone
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