BCH Digital: Securing Your Business Communications

Welcome to BCH, your PCI compliant technology partner at the forefront of innovative cloud communications.


BCH is an engineer-led company which was started by techies in 2001. We have a repeat and loyal client base ranging from SMEs to Blue Chip companies. As engineers, we understand how our systems work and know how to deliver the right solutions. We use our in-depth product knowledge to make our services easy to use and maintain, removing the technical mystery of the complex systems which underlie our products.

As a single provider, in charge of our own costs and development pipelines, we’ve been in the enviable position of being able to offer our clients affordable and accessible prices. We’ve resolutely stuck to this policy since 2001

We continue to offer innovation through new and exciting product development at the most reasonable prices. Even though the security and regulatory landscape has changed and customer demands have grown even greater, our philosophy remains intact: to offer innovative products at reasonable prices – affordability = accessibility.

Meet The Team
Yacht Deck

Rob Macdonald

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Development Director

Weapon Sight and Barrel

Amanda Franklin

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Technical Director

Fishing Rod

John Hanson

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New Business - South

Boxing Gloves

David Haynes

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Sales Director