Dedicated phone extension to take secure card payments

The BCH payment phone is an alternative to a traditional landline handset that uses the latest SIP technology to make and receive calls, with built-in integration to our Virtual Terminal allowing card payments to be made securely over during a live call phone without the risk of the customers payment card details being recorded during the payment process.

Works in conjunction with the BCH Softphone but system can also be configured to work with physical SIP handsets for those users who prefer the traditional look and feel of a desktop handset.


Integrates fully with your merchant provider to ensure PCI compliant transactions for both inbound and outbound calls.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant

  • No hardware investment needed

  • Retain your existing payment service provider

  • Available for Inbound & Outbound Calls

  • Can be deployed to selective agents that take payments

  • Take payments from any location and at any time

  • Installed as softphone or SIP handset

  • Accessible to all staff including remote workers

  • Use Tokenisation for future processing

  • Configurable Customer Data Fields

  • Agent merchant selection.

How payments are processed with the Payment Phone

Agent uses payment phone to make or receive call

When payment needed, agent instigates virtual terminal

The agent asks the customer to enter their card details via their telephone keypad

The virtual terminal displays the key presses as a series of X's

Any additional details are collected from the caller

The agent completes any additional fields in the virtual terminal form

The transaction details are submitted to the Payment Service Provider

The agent can confirm to the caller whether the payment has been approved.

The call continues until its conclusion in the normal manner.

Transaction Management

Once a payment has completed we can send the transaction record directly to your CRM, or if you prefer we can send you a nightly batch of transactions. We have various options available to suit your systems, including direct API integration and Secure File Transfer Protocols (SFTP).

In additional to the automated transaction reporting, and the reporting available from your Payment Service Provider (PSP), you can also use our online portal to view and download historic and up to the minute transactions.


You can search for, view all and drill down into each transaction processed, providing an invaluable resource for both finance and customer service teams.

Frequently asked questions

What equipment is needed?

Just your PC or laptop. You simply download the BCH Softphone app and access the designated virtual terminal via your browser. If you do prefer to use a traditional handset, it can be linked directly to your softphone extension.

How do I take any card details from customers?

Our Virtual Terminal enables agents to verbally ask for card type and expiry/start date details and input the relevant data but for compliance, the customer keys in the card number and CV2 code using their telephone keypad

Can I use my Existing Payment Provider?

We've integrated our system with most of the popular PSP's providers in the UK, including WorldPay, Barclaycard, Sage & Stripe to name a few. If your service provider isn't already integrated then we're happy to discuss further development.

Can I use my existing telephone numbers?

Yes, for sure - we can move the telephone number to our platform, alternatively we can supply new numbers in any range including: 0800, 0330, 07, All UK Area Codes and International Freephone

Can I present a different number when calling?

Yes. Our softphone application enables you to configure any CLI for outbound calling to support outbound strategies. This can be self-managed via your secure, online portal.