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Automated Telephone Payment Collections

Our Assist product is a fully automated PCI compliant automated payments solution. It streamlines card payments to reduce your live agent costs and maximise your revenues. Payments are securely processed agent free, allowing you to benefit from flexible and cost-saving working practices. What’s more, as a fully PCI compliant automated telephone payment solution, Assist de-scopes you from compliance.

Simple voice prompts guide callers through payment and their Card details are sent directly to your payment service provider for processing in real time. Customers can be comfortable in the knowledge that their card details are never stored beyond the point of processing.

With branded voice prompts, CRM integration and fully automated reporting available, our telephone payment services provide a high-quality customer experience and simple management for you.

Key Benefits
  • Fully Automated, operating 24-7

  • Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant

  • Retain your existing payment service provider

  • Online Management Tools

  • Automated daily transaction reports

  • Multiple languages supported

  • Provide customer with SMS receipt

  • Configure tokenisation for future payments

  • Reduce you PCI-DSS scope

  • MCC 6012 Complaint

How the Automated Service Processes a Customer Payment

Your customers dial a dedicated payment number

They are greeted with personalised welcome message.

We collect their identification details, (account number, invoice number)

Customer confirms the value of the payment

The customers enters their payment card details

The secure platform processes the payment with your PSP

Customer is informed that payment has been approved.

The payment details are sent to your CRM.

The call ends, having taken no more than a couple of minutes

Transaction Management

Once a payment has been processed the transaction record can be sent directly to your CRM, or if you prefer you can choose to receive a nightly batch of transactions. We have various options available to suit your systems, including direct API integration and Secure File Transfer Protocols.

In additional to the automated transaction reporting, and the reporting available from your Payment Service Provider (PSP), you can also use our on-line portal to view and download historic and up to the minute transactions.

You can search for, view all and drill down into each transaction processed, providing an invaluable resource for both finance and customer service teams.

Explore some of the PCI compliant solutions available from BCH

Ideal for collection teams, use our dedicated outbound solution to call customers and complete PCI compliant payments.


Implement into any call centre environment. It removes the need for organisations to manage any on-premise legacy hardware and enables you to descope your environment.

Live Agent

Ideal for multi-channel revenue capture and complements our existing solutions, generating payment requests via SMS, email, web chat or any other social media communication channel

Pay by Link

A softphone-based (VoIP)  system suitable for all business models. It connects directly to your office network, and thereafter to BCH’s Level 1 PCI compliant platform.

Hosted PBX
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