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Take secure payments from any location without changing your call handling procedures.

Remote Agent allows your agents to take secure payments from any location without having to change their usual call handling procedures until they need to take a payment.

When ready to take a payment the agent will use their own dedicated number to transfer the customer to our secure platform. Vitally though, the agent will then re-join the call to make sure the payment completes successfully.

The moment an agent transfers their customer, they forward the call to same number to re-connect themselves with the customer in the secure environment. This process only takes a matter of seconds with the customer will hearing a comfort message whilst they wait for the agent to re-join the call. Once the customer and agent are re-connected, the agent can process the card transaction using the virtual terminal (VT).After the payment is complete our platform notifies the agent via the portal and they can then wrap up the call as normal.

Key Benefits
  • No customer card details enter your agents or your systems.

  • Immediate notification of payment authorisation

  • No additional hardware or changes to existing systems.

  • Cost effective, as only used when payments are necessary.

  • Agent retains control online to guide caller through payment.

  • Reduce your PCI-DSS scope,

Home the Remote Agent Service Works

Once a call between the customer and agent requires a payment to be processed.

The agent transfers the caller to our secure platform platform

The agent then calls the same transfer number to join the customer on the secure platform

The agent invokes the browser based Virtual Terminal

The agent asks the customer to enter their card details via their telephone keypad.

The virtual terminal displays the key presses as a series of X's

The agent completes any additional fields in the virtual terminal form

The transaction details are submitted to your Payment Service Provider

The agent can confirm to the caller whether the payment has been approved.

The call continues until its conclusion in the normal manner.

Processing a Customer Card Payment

The process of completing a customer card payment is quick and easy using our customisable virtual terminal. 

  • The agent completes the customer name and order details.

  • The customer enters their card and CV2 number via the telephone keypad.

  • The payment is processed with your Payment Service Provider

  • The authorisation details are then displayed to the agent with a matter of seconds.

  • And the transaction details are posted to your CRM systems at the same time.

Transaction Management

Once a payment has been processed the transaction record can be sent directly to your CRM, or if you prefer you can choose to receive a nightly batch of transactions. We have various options available to suit your systems, including direct API integration and Secure File Transfer Protocols.

In additional to the automated transaction reporting, and the reporting available from your Payment Service Provider (PSP), you can also use our on-line portal to view and download historic and up to the minute transactions.

You can search for, view all and drill down into each transaction processed, providing an invaluable resource for both finance and customer service teams.

Explore some the other solutions BCH can provide to descope your organisation 

Ideal for collection teams, use our dedicated outbound solution to call customers and complete PCI compliant payments.


Streamlines card payments to dramatically reduce your live agent costs and maximise your revenues. Payments are securely processed agent free, anytime and anywhere.

Payment Lines

Ideal for multi-channel revenue capture and complements our existing solutions, generating payment requests via SMS, email, web chat or any other social media communication channel

Pay by Link

A softphone-based (VoIP)  system suitable for all business models. It connects directly to your office network, and thereafter to BCH’s Level 1 PCI compliant platform.

Hosted PBX
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