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Debt Recovery & Legal

Successfully used by leading agencies, our payment solutions are used for a whole range of collection purposes.

With   unrivalled   commercials,   payment   products   can  be  “off-the-shelf” systems for quick and flexible deployment or tailor-made solutions to fit precise business models.

Credit & Collections by phone – PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant solutions

BCH understand the needs of the debt collection and legal sector and how card processing has to be fast, secure and convenient for both debtors and staff. Whether it’s taking “live” payments on the phone or 24/7 via our IVR payment line, generating payment requests via text or automated dialler calls, or face-to-face at doorsteps, our PCI-DSS Compliant solutions, work seamlessly to compliment and enhance your collection strategies.

Explore some of the ways BCH can help your business compliance challenges
Automated Payment Line

Fronted by a dedicated number, our IVR payment service allows payments to be made 24/7 and is often the preferred method for debtors to satisfy repayment plans without speaking with an agent. The solution can be integrated to validate customer reference numbers and look up balances from your CRM.

Live Agents Calls

We offer a range of options for your staff to accept payments made over the phone in a safe and compliant manner. DTMF tone suppression and masked card details ensure card data is removed from your environment,
reducing the risk of data breaches or rogue agents.

Doorstep Collections

Agents   and   collectors   can   process   card   payments   at   doorstep   level without   the   need   for   handheld   card   reading   devices   or   internet connectivity. Collections staff simply call a dedicated IVR telephone line to register their PIN/ID before handing their phone to a customer. He or she can then follow your company’s customisable audio prompts to make payment.

Recurring Payment Plans

Our management portal allows you to set up recurring customer card payments  similar  to   a  direct   debit   system.   Our   platform   will   process payments   at   the   agreed   time   scheduled   and   send   debtors   receipts automatically.

Outbound Voice & SMS 

Designed to connect with a larger audience and save agent time, your payment request can be delivered even when there’s no one there, or are not answering the phone. A pre-recorded voice message or SMS is delivered at a time to suit, perfect for chasing outstanding and unresponsive debtors.

MCC 6012

If you’re in a sector affected by this Visa directive, API/Manual upload processes include mandatory additional data field population to ensure complete compliance and satisfy those extra requirements

Streamlines card payments to dramatically reduce your live agent costs and maximise your revenues. Payments are securely processed agent free, anytime and anywhere.

Payment Lines

Implement into any call centre environment. It removes the need for organisations to manage any on-premise legacy hardware and enables you to descope your environment.

Live Agent

Ideal for multi-channel revenue capture and complements our existing solutions, generating payment requests via SMS, email, web chat or any other social media communication channel


Ideal for collection teams, use our dedicated outbound solution to call customers and process P​CI compliant payments.

Payment Phone
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