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PCI Compliant Contact Centre Solutions

One size definitely doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to Contact Centres, which is why BCH will work with you throughout your compliance journey to find the solution that fits best.

Since 2001 we have been developing integrated solutions for contact centres to solve all manner of specialist call handling problems. In 2012 we became PCI compliant and have been steadily increasing our understanding of the payment processing problems organisations face, and finding solutions for them.

Below are some of the ways we can help de-scope your contact centre from the rigors of PCI-DSS compliance.

Integrated PSP Partners
SIP Trunks

The introduction of SIP trunks in both the network operators and now across many contact centres in the UK, has allowed us to create multiple solutions for both Inbound and Outbound contact centres.  In many cases it's now possible to create a PCI compliant solution without the need to change your core CRM solution or dialler provider.

Inbound Call Handling

If you're looking to ensure your inbound calls are PCI Compliant, then BCH has an extensive range of Inbound products, including Call Queuing and Geo Routing that are all PCI Compliant and available to use with our Live Agent Payment service together with Virtual Terminal for processing payments.

Outbound Collections

For some businesses it's rare to need to take a payment on an inbound phone call. Therefore many of our clients choose to use one of our outbound call payment collection solutions such as our Payment Phone. This enables a dedicated team of collections agents to deal with all of your payment processing.

Live Transfer

When clients are heavily integrated and reliant on their existing telephone infrastructure we often find that a hybrid solution can solve their compliance issues. The agent transfers the caller to our PCI compliant platform before dialling in on the same transfer number where they are instantly reconnected with the caller in order to process the payment securely.


As well as our fully automated services we also operate hybrid versions that allow agents to collect the majority of the transaction details during a live call. Then, when you want to process the transaction, our secure dialler immediately connects with the customer and collects the sensitive card data in our secure environment. We then process the payment directly with your payment service provider (PSP).

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