SMS Business Services

With a comprehensive portfolio of SMS services available, BCH continues to be a market leader in the development and delivery of SMS solutions. Whether you want to bulk send SMS messages, target outgoing messages for specific campaigns or simply receive messages, we’ve got the solution.

With consumers opening a staggering 98 per cent of all their SMS messages, compared to only 20 per cent of their emails, and responding to SMS messages within a mere 90 seconds, SMS holds enormous potential.

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SMS Broadcasting

Fast and Efficient Text Messaging

Whether it’s sales, marketing, improving customer service or appointment reminders, SMS is a fantastic way of delivering information.

Highly targeted, SMS Broadcasting eliminates the risk of ‘spam’ to deliver cost-effective and focused communication direct to your target audience. Messages are only delivered to those whose number you’ve already captured and who’ve expressed an interest in your organisation or service. Individuals who don’t want to receive information can be marked on your databases as having been ‘unsubscribed’.

Our system lets you choose whether the broadcast is delivered immediately or in the future. This forward planning is particularly useful to help you streamline and manage campaigns efficiently. You can also avoid transmitting unnecessary information by setting an expiry date and time, allowing messages to be cancelled automatically if they’ve not been delivered within your chosen timeframe.

For fast and accurate distribution of broadcasts, you can build your own databases and user groups. You can also save numbers received from other data capture methods or across your other SMS services to ensure you target the right people at the right time, every time.


Key Benefits

  • Send customised text messages to individual or multiple numbers

  • Target your audience with an efficient and cost-effective communications’ tool

  • Broadcast vital information immediately or schedule for a future date

  • Use as an effective marketing tool for existing or future customers

  • View customised online broadcast reports and replies to messages sent

  • Send message through an online portal, or directly through our API

SMS Marketing

Instant audience interaction

SMS Marketing creates an effective and immediate call to action. Consumers can respond directly by SMS to any advertising or marketing campaign. Inviting them to text a memorable keyword to a short code (e.g. ‘INFO’ to 78070) or long number (e.g. 07890123456) means they’ll receive a text reply instantly.

With up to 80 per cent of consumers failing to receive SMS marketing messages from their favourite brands, it makes sense to instantly engage with your audience to show them you care, secure their loyalty and gather valuable customer information.

Consumers simply enter a specified keyword at the start of their SMS message, for example, ‘INFO’ to request information or ‘OFFER’ to request a voucher code. Campaigns can be set up with a single memorable keyword: ‘SHAMPOO’, for instance, to request free samples of a specific product.

Take advantage of our easy-to-remember short codes for use in all your campaigns. Your audience will soon recognise you, your brand and your organisation. Alternatively, just use our standard 78070 short code number ( if your chosen keyword has not already been used with this number).

All campaigns are managed via our secure web-based portal. You can quickly allocate a keyword to each campaign and create multiple individual response messages. What’s more, you can opt to receive email alerts every time someone responds or view live response reporting via the management portal.


Key Benefits

  • Customise automated replies e.g. “One of our team will be in contact soon” for different times of the day

  • Set up new keywords immediately using the online portal

  • Clone keywords to quickly assess the performance of different advertising channels

  • Access data manually via the web portal or receive automated reports at specified intervals as required

  • Add mobile numbers automatically to built-in databases for future SMS promotions

  • Integrate our service with your own internal systems

SMS Helpdesk

The Convenient and Flexible way to Answer your Customers’ Queries

SMS Helpdesk is a two-way interactive SMS device, allowing you to quickly respond to customer text messages. Complementing your existing communications’ channels with text messaging, gives callers the convenience and flexibility to use their preferred method of contact at a time that suits. Additionally, SMS Helpdesk cut agent call time, allowing you to manage your call centre operations more efficiently.

Automated questions mean you can fact find important information so queries can be routed to the most suitable agents to save valuable time. In many cases automated questions will simply resolve the callers’ queries immediately without any agent involvement.

With SMS Helpdesk there’s no time limit to your message exchange, nor do you have to worry about spam filters, email blacklists or other deliverability issues.


Key Benefits

  • Build CRMs with saved customer contact details, important information and message history

  • Manage operations effectively using dedicated supervisor and agent screens

  • Prioritise messages and assign to specific agents with supervisor controls

  • Monitor system activity and agent responses with supervisor watch screens

  • Download performance summary reports to improve customer service

  • Access agent hours to assist with wage calculations

  • Export client records and message history for use in external systems

  • Export client records and message history for use in external systems

  • Manage your agents more efficiently with email message alerts. Agents won’t be wasting their time continually logging on to check activity.

  • Configure automated but personalised welcome messages

  • Set working hours to ensure customers are notified if texting out of hours