Retail Sector

BCH offers a range of fully scalable solutions to help retail companies manage telephone payments through seasonal shopping peaks and troughs. We work with multiple companies across the retail sector, supplying PCI DSS compliant communications and payment systems to fully integrate with existing CRMs and provide complete 24/7 customer payment flexibility.


In an industry where customer service is key to purchasing behaviour, it’s important to deliver a unified and user-friendly service for customers who want to interact as well as transact with you in the most convenient way. That’s why our solutions have been designed around things that matter most to your customers, allowing you to concentrate not only on building customer engagement but driving through better levels of growth.


Our clients don’t just see our comprehensive payment, call-handling and SMS services as individual solutions. Instead, combine them and they act as an all-in-one’ solution to promote your business, to secure and grow your customer base and to inform your way forward by gauging agent performance with customisable metrics. We recognise the fact that what happens after your customer’s transaction is just as important as what happens during the actual transaction itself.

Explore some of the ways BCH can help your business compliance challenges

Streamlines card payments to dramatically reduce your live agent costs and maximise your revenues. Payments are securely processed agent free, anytime and anywhere.

Payment Lines

Implement into any call centre environment. It removes the need for organisations to manage any on-premise legacy hardware and enables you to descope your environment.

Live Agent

Ideal for multi-channel revenue capture and complements our existing solutions, generating payment requests via SMS, email, web chat or any other social media communication channel


A softphone-based (VoIP)  system suitable for all business models. It connects directly to your office network, and thereafter to BCH’s Level 1 PCI compliant platform.

Hosted PBX