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SMS Helpdesk: 2-Way SMS Communication

SMS Helpdesk

SMS Helpdesk allows you to have 2-way communication with your customers via SMS. This could be to handle enquiries, resolve faults, provide support or gather information.

You can also use SMS Helpdesk for a multitude of internal purposes. Holiday parks are proficient users of the service as maintenance engineers, cleaners and other staff use it to report to a central location once jobs are completed or to raise questions/work orders internally.

SMS Helpdesk: How It Works

We will provide you with the relevant keywords you need or long numbers to use. You will also have access to a web portal to set up your service and to use it day-to-day.

You have the option to set up some automated questions for the service to ask the customer when they first contact you. The main purpose of this is to gather some information before agent involvement to cut agent time and make your operations more efficient. Sometimes your agents may not need to be involved at all.

Key Features & Benefits

· Build CRMs with saved customer contact details, important information and message history

· Manage operations effectively using dedicated supervisor and agent screens

· Prioritise messages and assign to specific agents

· Monitor system activity and agent responses

· Download performance summary reports to improve customer service

· Access agent hours to assist with wage calculations

· Export client records and message history for use in external systems

· Use SMS broadcasts as an effective sales tool

· Set working hours to ensure customers are notified if texting out of hours

With SMS Helpdesk there’s no time limit to your message exchange, nor do you have to worry about spam filters, email blacklists or other deliverability issues.

Book a Demonstration

Do you want a convenient, simple way to handle customer queries and save agent time?

Do you know you need to use SMS more to communicate with your customers?

SMS Helpdesk is the answer. It’s low cost and easy to setup with no new infrastructure or installations required.

Contact us today to book a demonstration and see what it could do for you. Call our team on 0161 537 7707 or email


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