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Payment Services for Charities & Fundraising

payment services for charities

BCH payment solutions will help modernise your fundraising campaigns, optimise their outreach and maximise their revenues.

With recent times witnessing an increasing pull on people’s pockets, it’s imperative that charities adopt a broad-based and creative approach to fund raising. With more than half of all payments made by card, and smart phone ownership set to reach a staggering 92 per cent by 2023, it’s crucially important that payment options are varied enough to allow donors to fully interact and transact with fund raising campaigns.

Ranging from Automated Dialler and SMS campaigns to fully hosted automated card payments, we’ll help your charity be proactive in the race to secure new and recurring donations.

All our solutions are PCI-DSS Level 1 secure, designed to support flexible ‘anywhere’ working practices as well as to meet donor payment trends. Real time reporting with fully customisable metrics allows you to constantly monitor and evaluate performance.

Our systems will integrate with yours as well as with your existing payment service providers, helping you keep costs to an absolute minimum.

Automated Dialler SMS Campaigns

With people opening a staggering 98 per cent of all SMS messages, compared with only 20 per cent of emails, and responding to SMS messages within a mere 90 seconds, our range of SMS services are a vital component in any charity’s fund-raising kit.

SMS enabled payments with the support of SMS campaigns can readily harness the often impulsive and immediate nature of donor giving, as well as one-off and recurring donations.

BCH’s Outbound Dialler and SMS services generate customisable calls and messages to save valuable agent time. These can be delivered immediately or at a future date, enabling you to efficiently plan and manage campaigns, whilst at the same time build your own databases and user groups.

Our SMS Marketing services create an effective and immediate call to action. Consumers can respond directly by SMS to any marketing campaign. Inviting them to text a memorable keyword to a short code (e.g. ‘INFO’ to 78070) or long number (e.g. 07890123456) means they’ll receive a text reply instantly.

Take advantage of our easy-to-remember short codes and keywords to populate your campaigns. Your audience will soon recognise your charity and your brand.

All campaigns are managed via our secure web-based portal. You can allocate a keyword to each campaign and create multiple individual response messages.

SMS Survey allows you to gather meaningful feedback immediately after an event, exactly when opinions are formed and when response rates are naturally higher.

Our easy-to-use online portal allows you to fully customise your surveys, from branding and logo design to the exact questions asked and how data is collected.

Secure Payments – PCI DSS Level 1 compliant

The BCH platform securely processes card payments, integrating with your existing system and payment service providers to minimise costs. Payments can be taken from any location at any time, so you benefit from flexible and cost saving practices. Full Level 1 PCI compliance means your organisation will be fully descoped from the rigours of regulatory compliance.

BCH offer three payment products: Automated, Link and Remote

Automated - securely process card payments, agent free.

Using its easy-to-operate web management portal, Automated’s feature rich options can be configured and controlled in real time. Simple voice prompts guide callers through payment. Card details are securely sent to your payment service provider for processing in real time. Donors can be comfortable in the knowledge that our Automated payments service never stores sensitive card data, so their security is never compromised.

With branded voice prompts, CRM integration and fully automated reporting available, our telephone payment services provide a high-quality donor experience but simple management for you.

PaybyLink – multi-channel capture

Ideal for multi-channel revenue capture, Link complements our existing phone- based solutions, allowing donations via SMS, email, web chat or any other social media communication channel.

Agents have full visibility of the payment process, including when the payment link is clicked and whether a payment has been authorised, and can maintain valued customer contact throughout, should you choose.

Full transaction reports can be viewed at any time, and customer details stored for future use.

Agent Remote – agent present

Remote allows agents to take secure payments from any location. Your usual call handling procedures can be maintained until your agent needs to take payment, at which point they can use their own dedicated number to transfer a donor to the BCH secure platform. Vitally, your agents can re-join a call to make sure payment completes successfully.


· Customisable messaging

· One-off and recurring donations

· Fully scalable with flexible payment options to move in line with demand

· Integration with existing kit

· Complete in-house technical support

· Level 1 PCI-DSS compliancy

· DTMF supressed card payment security

· Choice of payment options with no agent or full agent donor contact

· Real-time management information and transaction reporting

· Integration with existing payment service providers


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