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New BCH Platform Launched

Our tradition of excellence in engineering continues with the launch of our all-new platform. Despite unparalleled capabilities, as well as facilities that belie its underlying complexity, the platform allows all services to be easily set up, administered and used.

Together with its service range, the platform has been designed from the ground up and is, essentially, a completely new offering. Resulting from a fundamental examination and appraisal of our current systems and techniques, as well as the hardware and software they use, the new platform caters for all service types. In short, it offers an unrivalled range of facilities and services.

Core system facilities include:

  • PCI compliance at Level 1 – built in to ensure current and ongoing regulatory compliance with credit and debit card payments

  • Payments – payment services are integrated alongside other services. Payment is no-longer an add-on but can be part of every service offering.

  • MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication, compliant with SCA regulations, provides enhanced security levels through even stronger customer and/or user authentication. MFA can be integrated with dialler facilities and APIs for services such as One Time Password (OTP) to complement all SMS services.

  • Carrier Agnostic – systems can be multiplied via SIP trunking to any carrier, providing additional resilience as well as different billing models.

  • Geographical Resilience – systems are implemented as nodes. Each node can be located in any UK data centre and each node is independent of every other node.

  • Complete Resilience – each node is able to deal with every single service type. As a result, the failure of any one node cannot lead to system interruption as another node is immediately and automatically (or manually) brought into play.

  • Centralised control – Amazon Web Services provide multi-zone, clustered control for database and web hosting with changes being made available immediately to each node in the overall platform.

  • SIP Phones – SIP Phones, soft and hard, can be directly integrated for use on all service types – from simple PBX through call-centres, to fully integrated payments.

  • SIP Trunks – SIP trunks can be implemented directly from clients for lower-cost calling solutions. Using SIP Trunks, calls made from clients can automatically have a BCH service “in the way”, whether this is for something as simple as call recording or as sophisticated as payment.

  • Speech Recognition – from simple numbers to complex phrases, speech recognition is available from Google and Amazon. It can be integrated and made available to all services.

With the feature-rich core, system-level facilities come a brand-new portal together with an unparalleled range of service types, implemented especially for our new platform. Services include number translation, call centre, conferencing, fax, softphone and payment services.

Even more new services will continue to become available over the next few months.

The new platform is now live!

To find out more about us, follow the link. To enquire about the all-new platform and services, call the BCH team now on 0161 537 7707.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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