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How to Close More Field Sales Using Automated Payments

If you have field sales agents, or if your business takes payments off-site at a customer’s premises, this will help you close more business.

No longer will you need to walk away from an appointment hoping that the customer pays later. No longer will your sales process be incomplete and be a source of customer and salesperson frustration.

We have a simple solution – let your customer pay deposits using your salesperson’s phone there and then on site.

Our automated telephone payment service, Assist, allows you to do this completely securely.

The Process

At the point of sale, the agent just calls your service and enters the non-sensitive information you want to capture, such as account number and customer name.

Your agent will then hand the phone to the customer for them to enter their long card number and security code using the telephone keypad.

We then process the payment securely directly with your gateway. You won’t be able to see any of the secure payment data so the service de-scopes you from the PCI regulations, leaving you free to close more sales.

You can also verify payments on the spot because we can send you email and SMS notifications. We can notify your customers too so they will feel secure and comfortable with your new payment method.

Our automated telephone payment service can either replace your current way of taking payments or simply run alongside it to improve your options. It’s also often a lower-cost way to take payments as your agents can all use a single service, rather than them all needing another form of payment device.

Our automated services are also inexpensive to set up and simple to operate day-to-day. Find out more today by giving us a call on 0161 537 7707 or emailing Further product information for all our PCI compliant telephone payment services is also available here.


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