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BCH create cost-effective and fully flexible payment gateway solution for Just Eat.
When leading online takeaway ordering service, Just Eat realised its existing procedures for accepting partner payments were inefficient and losing them business, they knew they had to address the problem quickly. They needed someone to provide a cost saving and flexible payment solution, so their nationwide partners could pay subscriptions quickly and securely online, 24/7. BCH’s success in delivering similar payment solutions to other businesses proved key to Just Eat commissioning them to provide the optimum payment solution. With the Paytel Telephone Payment Gateway in place, Just Eat’s new payment procedures quickly resulted in more efficient working practices and substantial cost-savings.
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"Great to have a service for taking payments that supports our growing business, outside of normal working hours. It's quick and easy and the implementaion was straightforward."

By Sarah Checksfield, Operation Manager at Just Eat

The Challenge: To provide a secure, PCI compliant telephony card payment solution, operational 24/7

With a global operating base, secure and timely payments are vital to Just Eat’s continuing and future success. However, inefficient payment procedures were compromising the company’s ability to accept partner subscriptions by debit and credit card securely and at any time. Existing working practices meant that card payments could only be taken during normal office hours. Consequently, there was no alternative for sales representatives working out of hours other than to accept clients’ subscription payments by cash or cheque. This, in turn, was leading to costly handling and processing difficulties. Ultimately, the company’s inflexibility meant it was losing business.


To develop and implement their own payment solution, Just Eat knew they faced a critical security challenge: the need to obtain compliance with PCI regulations, currently standing at over two thousand individual requirements. Time and budgetary constraints did not allow for this. The company needed a PCI compliant, fully flexible and cost-efficient payment system, which could be implemented quickly and easily, allowing their sales representatives to accept payments securely at any time of the day.

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The Solution

Paytel supplied Just Eat with Paytel Auto, a PCI DSS feature-rich turnkey payment solution providing complete data security for Just Eat and their partners. Sales representatives can now telephone in at any time to process payments via Just Eats’ Barclaycard merchant payment service and receive payment authorisations in real time.


In short, orders can be secured where and when they matter. With Paytel Auto, Just Eat is securely supported in growing its successful business outside normal working hours.

  • Vastly reduced issues managing incoming payments.

  • Automatic system compliant with current and on-going PCI DSS regulations.

  • Ease of payment management for all staff.

  • Improved data security for all parties.

  • Multiple customer modes of payment supported.

  • Flexibility ensured through secure 24-7 payment processing.

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