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Daniels Silverman is a family-owned business with over 25 years' 
experience in debt recovery and are regulated by the FCA and operate in  the UK, Europe and worldwide.

They provide a tailored debt collection approach to clients of all shapes and sizes and use various payment technologies to maximise campaign success. Their mantra is: if a debt is collectable we will collect it.

As a smarter debt collector at every level, they constantly utilise the latest technology with data security being at the forefront of their collection process.

Recognising the need to allow debtors to make telephone payments 24/7, they explored various solutions and providers, selecting BCH and our standard, “off-the-shelf” Automated Payment Line.
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The Challenge: To provide a secure, PCI compliant telephony card payment solution, operational 24/7

Debtors are often embarrassed when owing monies and therefore may prefer to make last minute payments without speaking to an operator. Furthermore, the urgency to do so can often mean that they choose to make immediate payments at all hours of the day, perhaps on receipt of salary/benefits.

Daniels Silverman recognised how integral this option was to their debt collection process and the importance of PCI Compliance to assure their clients and debtors, how much they value card data security.

The Solution

BCH provided Daniels Silverman with a fully automated inbound payment  solution, which allowed all debtors to make payments 24/7. As this  solution is fully automated, there is no agent interface, which meant that they were fully de-scoped from PCI DSS as well as providing an easy and  simple solution for their debtors to pay.


The BCH solution integrated into their existing CRM so callers could hear balance and minimum payment  requirement details once entering their reference number. Once a card  transaction was made, our platform automatically updated each account appropriately.

As their merchant was already integrated with our platform, the system was installed quickly and at minimal cost

"At Daniels Silverman we process 1000’s of Debt payments each week. We required secure a way of allowing our customers to pay 24 hours a day via the telephone channel.  This service needed to be PCI compliant & highly available for hundreds of high value payments each day.

Working with BCH from the start was a great experience, the setup was painless which has resulted in a professional output which our customers successfully use day in day out.  If there are ever any problems, the team respond quickly and without fuss.

The payment line to our customers is a simple way of getting their account  back on  track without   the need to  speak to an  agent.   DS customers input their account details from the voice prompts and on successful   payment   immediately   updates   their   account   with   Daniel Silverman in a secure way."

Chris Thompson IT Director
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