We work with multiple companies within the UK utilities’ sector. Our 20 years’ plus experience means we know how best to meet customer payment trends with innovative and feature-rich services. Our services will integrate with your existing systems to secure 24/7 payment provision as well as gauge agent performance with customisable metrics to help you maximise revenue streams and achieve increased levels of growth.


PayTel Hosted Solutions

PayTel - PCI Compliance

Combining PayTel’s feature-rich call management system with a PCI-DSS approved live card payment application, PayTel delivers an excellent customer experience. By managing calls in real-time, operational decisions can be made to maximise contact centre efficiency as well as increase customer satisfaction.

All calls through Paytel are secure. Agents collect and verify payment information using a virtual terminal. Neither your agents nor any call recording equipment can access sensitive card data. When an agent requests a caller to input card details, sensitive details are muted making it impossible for these to be listened to or transcribed. Agents can remain on a call throughout the payment process, advising their callers on payment status and authorisation codes, and can wind a call up as is suitable for your business.

PayTel Automated

PayTel Automated is a fully PCI compliant payment service, streamlining card payments to reduce live agent costs and maximise revenue. Payments are securely processed agent-free, anytime and anywhere enabling your business to benefit from flexible and cost-saving working practices. Using PayTel to automate payments completely removes agents from the entire payment process.


Automated Dialler & SMS Campaigns

Our Outbound Dialler & SMS service can generate calls and messages automatically, saving valuable agent time when compared to manual outbound campaigns. Your messages can be generated and delivered at the times that best suit your organisation and can either generate calls to your agents, pre-recorded messages, or SMS delivery directly to your customers.

Any pre-recorded voice messages or SMS can reach a wider audience and can be tailored according to your requirements. They are the perfect way to chase up outstanding payments or meter readings. The platform can manage your campaigns automatically and help to drive agent efficiency by removing manual processes. whilst also allowing your organisation to reach a wider audience whilst saving your agents time.


Key Benefits

  • tick box Allow your customers to interact and transact with your business in a way which is convenient to them
  • tick box Hosted on a fully compliant PCI-DSS solution
  • tick box Completely hosted solution, with no on site hardware requirements
  • tick box No limit to the number of agents required, with competitive options and solutions available.
  • tick box Agents can maintain full contact with your customers during any live payment
  • tick box Real-time management information and transaction reporting
  • tick box Integration with any existing Payment Service Providers

left quote markI am so impressed that this system took such a short time to implement and has made our collections operation so much more effective on so many levels.right quote mark

By Caroline McGovern, Credit Manager at Co-operative Energy

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