How Our Solutions Can Assist with Credit & Collections

Our comprehensive range of tried and trusted, secure telephone payments have developed into almost “off-the-shelf” solutions for quick and flexible deployment, with unrivalled commercials.

PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant Telephone Payment Options for a variety of collection processes as used by some of the leading UK companies.


Our Comprehensive Collection Solutions

PayTel - PCI Compliance

Integrating fully with your existing merchant, telephone and CRM systems, our PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant Platform can be automatically triggered into action when an agent needs to take a card payment from a customer on either and inbound or outbound call.

Agents can enter all customer card details into our Virtual Terminal apart from the Card Number and CV2 Security Code, which the caller inputs using the telephone keypad, tones suppressed by our platform to ensure compliance. Transactions are facilitated within a matter of seconds allowing continuous dialogue and natural call wind-up.

Automated Payment Line

By far, the most commonly used solution for Credit and Collection Companies as debtors are often embarrassed when making last minute payments and therefore often prefer to do so, without speaking to an agent.

Fronted by a unique phone number, payments can be made 24/7 by entering a prompted process to make payment. Our proven APIs enable automatic upload of customer account details so callers entering their account reference can hear “Outstanding Balance/Minimum Payment details” and we also have developed manual upload systems for those without CRMs.


Visa MCC6012 Payments

Those sectors effected by this directive can rest assured that our API/Manual upload processes can also include the additional data field population that is now mandatory. On entering the IVR Automated Process, our platform will pass the secondary data requirements to ensure Visa compliance.

Doorstep Collections

Agents and collectors can process card payments at doorstep level without the need for handheld card reading devices and internet connectivity. They simply call a dedicated IVR telephone line to register their PIN/ID before handing the phone to the customer to follow a branded, prompted process to make payment.

Recurring Payment Plans

Using our Management Portal, you can quickly and simply instigate recurring payments to be taken from a credit or debit card for an agreed period of weeks/months, similar to a direct debit arrangement.

Our system will then process the agreed payments at the agreed time over an agreed period.


left quote markI am so impressed that this system took such a short time to implement and has made our collections operation so much more effective on so many levels.right quote mark

By Caroline McGovern, Credit Manager at Co-operative Energy

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