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Hosted PBX: Complete Your PCI Compliance Programme

Hosted PBX – the missing jigsaw piece to complete your PCI compliance programme.

Anyone who’s looked into the conundrum of PCI-DSS knows that various solutions exist to help deal with the puzzle of compliance. These range from the downright dangerous such as ‘pause and resume’, to various hardware options added to your systems as well as automated payment solutions. Each option might prove suitable for the specific needs of a particular business model but, unfortunately, not one solution fits all, at least that is until now.

BCH's Hosted PBX is the missing piece of the puzzle. It’s a fully compliant software-based system, designed to run inside your office environment and to grow with your business. In short, it provides the missing component to solve the PCI regulatory puzzle of any business model.

Existing solutions might never solve the PCI-DSS issue

‘Pause and Resume’

You may be using pause and resume because your card payment volume doesn’t warrant the perceived expense of other solutions. You’ll know we’re not a fan of ‘pause and resume’ if you’ve read our previous blogs. We call it the ‘quick fix’ ostrich, aka ‘head in the sand’ approach to cobbling together compliancy. In our opinion, ‘pause and resume’ can never be truly compliant: call centre agents can still potentially listen into the payment part of a call, and even though it’s not recorded by you, it could and, unfortunately, sometimes is recorded by them!

Putting hardware ‘at the front’ of your system

Well, on the face of it, it’s a good idea; after all, it’s part of your system. Additional hardware can help in the suppression of any digits dialled, for example credit card numbers, as well as assist in the payment process. However, there’s always the elephant in the room to consider: it’s part of your system so you’ll be the one who has to obtain regulatory approval, whether that means PCI, GDPR or MiFID II compliance. Our January blog, Don’t Cast Your Company Adrift with a Leaky Compliance Programme chats about the complications compliance creates (try saying that with a mouthful!).

Automated payments

If you can change your operating environment to concentrate on automated payments, we’d suggest our automated payments service for any number of different scenarios, but perhaps it’s not what you’re looking for. After all, your business model might dictate that you need to preserve the personal aspect of your calls and ideally, you’d always like to be able to speak to the client throughout the payment process.

The new solution: Hosted PBX

Taking advantage of widespread internet availability and increased SIP-based networks we’ve developed a Hosted PBX to be a fully scalable and fully compliant PBX office-based phone system. You can choose how many extensions you require, as and when your business needs them. The system essentially aims to grow with your business.

Our Hosted PBX is a softphone-based system designed to run inside your office environment. It connects directly to your office network and thereafter to BCH’s Level 1 PCI compliant cloud-based system. You might decide on a PCI compliant cluster of extensions or take the opportunity to replace your existing office phone system. Each and every call you take or make is automatically descoped from PCI. You simply don’t have to worry about compliance.

Each Hosted PBX extension is associated with a Virtual Terminal, a web page where additional details of every individual transaction are entered. Card details entered directly by a customer are suppressed from the call. These are never recorded and are used purely to perform a transaction.

All standard PBX facilities are available including, making calls, receiving calls, transferring calls, recording calls, full reporting suites, presence and phonebook applications.

Whether you have a sizable existing PBX where you just want to make or receive a few PCI compliant phone calls, or instead want to provision a completely new PCI compliant office phone system, our Hosted PBX is a proven convenient and cost-effective solution to fit all business models.

To find out more about us, follow the link. To enquire about our full range of compliant products and services, call the BCH team now on 0161 537 7707.


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