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Homeworking during ‘Lockdown’ doesn’t have to compromise customer security

Lockdown means your business has to be extra vigilant in ensuring homeworkers continue to maintain proper levels of customer payment security. BCH’s 24/7 phone payment solutions mean your homeworkers can now securely take payments without risk of data breach. Our Level 1 approved PCI solutions will fully integrate with your organisation’s merchant card processor, CRM and telephone systems to ensure all your card payments are fully de-scoped from PCI-DSS, wherever your agents take customer payments.

Payment options, designed to suit all business models:


Payments can be taken 24/7 on your own dedicated payment line, where the whole payment process can be branded with customisable audio. With your own dedicated number, you can advertise the service as a payment gateway, accessible at any time by your customers.

Customers are given a reference number, whilst BCH's Automated notifies your CRM systems via email or XML. The service identifies each customer from their account number entered during a call and “speaks” the account balance to callers before payment is taken.

To maintain customer support, if there’s a payment failure or other issue, callers can be routed to your business for additional help.

It’s also possible for agents to transfer callers to the payment line. Customers are dealt with as if they’d dialled the line directly themselves.


Using Live payments means agents can take calls from customers and stay connected to them throughout the payment process. Studies have shown this ensures the most positive customer experience. There are two available scenarios:

  • Softphone – We provide you with a PC-based softphone. This is loaded onto each agent’s PC and when payment is required, on either an incoming or outgoing call, agents can start the payment process using the softphone application. They simply press the “payment” button which loads a secure virtual terminal.

  • Transfer – Agents have their own dedicated Secure Number. During a call an agent can transfer a customer to the payment platform. The moment a customer has cleared from the agent, the agent simply dials the same Secure Number and is re-connected with the customer. This process can be completed in a matter of seconds. A comfort message is played whilst the customer is waiting for the agent to re-join the call. Once the customer and agent are re-connected, the agent can process the card transaction using the virtual terminal (VT).

Whether the process is Softphone or Transfer, the virtual terminal (VT) allows agents, whilst they are connected to customers, to enter all transaction details, except obviously for the card number. This is entered by the customer; all DTMF tones are suppressed from the call. Instead, these are displayed on the VT with Xs. Once payment is completed with your merchant, the agent can confirm payment directly to the customer.


With this option your customer is sent a web link, via SMS, to complete their payment.

During a call your agent takes all necessary payment data from the customer, using our easy-to-use web portal. Once complete, the portal generates a unique payment link and sends it, via SMS, to your customer.

Once the customer follows the link and completes payment, we notify your internal systems (using email, XML api etc). Full transaction reports can be accessed at any time and customer details can be stored for future use. This makes it easier for you to create new payment links for customers in the future.


As with all BCH services, and especially now in these uncertain times, our fees are fixed and transparent, and dependent on just one factor: your merchant partner with whom we integrate our systems.

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