Secure Your Critical Business Systems

Online security is more important than ever these days, as more businesses rely on cloud-based services for everything from point-of-sale to email, banking and accounting.

BCH have developed a solution that has been rolled out into many business environments, a solution that provides the necessary two step authentication that many services now require, to secure both employee and sensitive customer information.


Are Strong Passwords Secure Enough?


Strong passwords are more important than ever but implementing a robust password policy is notoriously difficult to achieve whilst still maintaining a positive user experience. As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, even the most complex of passwords can be obtained fraudulently using Phishing or Social engineering attacks.

Adding multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security on top of your user’s passwords and will help prevent unauthorised activity by ensuring that any would-be attackers need more than just a username and password combination.

As a PCI-DSS level 1 service provider BCH knows all about protecting systems from unauthorised access. We’re externally audited annually to ensure our systems adhere to the very latest in security standards. Its this experience that has enabled us to develop secure Phone and SMS multi-factor authentication solutions that can be used to protect any organisations network.


​Phone and SMS Authentication

We provide options for utilising both SMS and Phone Call authentication. Either option can be tailored to meet your precise security demands; but will operate without the need for users to download any new software or carry around anything more than their existing phone.

Once implemented you define your own policy. This either delivers a onetime code number via text message to the users mobile or will use an automated call to either a landline or mobile to capture the number that has been provided to the user during the login process.

Integration via Web APIs are easy to develop and the services can be configured to provide a wide range of options to tailor exactly how the process operates. Whatever option is chose can be extended further with supplementary authentication requirements to additionally enhance and protect your data.


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