Call Conference Solutions For Any Business

BCH Supply a comprehensive set of conferencing solution to fit the exact needs of an organisation, whether it be small ad-hoc conferences, right through to a large conference solution to hundreds of participants. The below solution will cater for any need’s organisations have.


Standard Conferencing

Our standard conference solution, part of BCH flexible and affordable conferencing services, offers business the advantage of a virtual meeting environment to connect with others wherever and whenever the situation demands.

Standard Conferencing is a reliable and robust self-managed service which can be set up easily and quickly, anytime, and anywhere. Unlike video or other internet-based telephony conferences, it’s not reliant on the Internet so service is never compromised by a slow or poor connection. Instead, supported and secured by public telephony networks and international communications’ standards, Audio Meeting benefits from the consistent and secure service provision offered by ISDN and PSTNs.

What is more, unlike internet-based conferencing, the service is not plagued with echo so that good sound quality is always ensured.

So, all that’s needed to enjoy worldwide access to a steadfast, secure and good quality Audio Meeting Standard conference, is simply a telephone.

Focussing its attention on a self-managed service, Audio Meeting Standard offers a flexible and affordable alternative to operator-assisted conferences. With Standard’s self-managed advantage, there’s no need to pre-book conferences, nor is there any wasted expenditure due to over-booking line allocation. Conference calls can be set up at a moment’s notice and new participants welcomed in at any time. Furthermore, there are no additional charges for services such as call recording and extra self-managed features, including muting and unmuting callers, entry and exit monitoring.

With self-managed conferences accounting for as many as 95 per cent of all audio conferences, BCH Solutions is assured that its easy to manage service, backed by its in-house single provider, design, development and supporter status, positively impacts business operations as its clients intend.


Key Benefits

  • tick box Ideal for smaller group conference calls
  • tick box Immediate set up – simply dial in and create a PIN number
  • tick box Create conference sessions ‘on the fly’ or as planned events
  • tick box Record conferences and retrieve recordings via a web portal
  • tick box Create bespoke call introduction messages
  • tick box No internet connection required
  • tick box Secure and reliable service provision through any telephony device
  • tick box Advanced options available at no extra cost with increased functionality

Advanced Conferencing

Advanced Conferencing, the corporate solution within of BCH’s flexible and affordable conferencing services, offers business the advantage of a premium and self-managed virtual conference to connect with others on demand.

Incorporating premium features suitable for large conferences, Audio Meeting Advanced offers sophisticated and feature-rich management options for effective conferencing.

Secure, consistent, and cost-efficient conferencing anywhere

Conferencing Advanced benefits from the unsurpassed security and reliability the same as with the standard solution, and again, unlike internet-based conferencing, Advanced is not plagued by fluctuating bandwidth so enjoys consistently good audio quality with no risk of echo or any cut out issues associated with slow connections. Furthermore, with no additional charges for its advanced premium options, including dedicated chairperson controls, its self-managed advantage offers a cost-effective alternative from operator-assisted conference calls.

Dedicated Chairperson Control

Controlling the conference from a watch screen, the chairperson can monitor and identify, mute and unmute callers, as well as dial in additional parties during the call. Conference management functionality allows administrators to send email notifications directly from contacts stored in the portal. Emails can also include the date and time of the conference, access number, relevant PIN together with additional notes and agendas.


Key Benefits

  • tick box Record and retrieve conferences immediately via the management portal
  • tick box Distribute multiple access numbers to suit mobile and international callers
  • tick box No dial in needed, program the conference call your participants automatically
  • tick box Use different caller types: chairperson, contributor and audience for effective control
  • tick box Manage contacts and email invitations
  • tick box Create bespoke call introduction messages
  • tick box Set up conferences immediately or as planned event
  • tick box Download reports and statistics immediately for informed decision-making