Inbound Call Management

Complete Management Of Your Inbound Call Routing

The success of most business depends on retaining satisfied customers. When customers make contact, it’s critical their experience is a positive one. With BCH’s hosted call management solutions, each call type can be treated differently to maintain and improve customer satisfaction.

Since 1999 BCH has been transforming inbound call management solutions. With our innovative and feature-rich cloud telephony platforms, we can redirect calls to any destination; we can even anticipate the likely destination of a call to speed up its routing. Using our easy-to-use portal and its feature-rich call delivery options, you’ll be able to manage calls exactly as you choose.

Customisable Features

Our services come with a host of additional features as standard. These include controlling working hours, voicemail options and missed call alerts. You can add and change destination numbers at any time and upload new welcome messages or IVR menus. You can even implement a range of call recording options for storage and playback within the same portal. These controls have just one purpose – to ensure your callers are dealt with professionally and consistently, call after call.

Flexible Distribution, Seamless Integration

Distribution methods include straight one-to-one routing, hunt groups, auto attendants and IVR menus for skill routing and queueing. These are all performed in ‘the cloud’ to integrate effortlessly with your existing telephony system. You don’t have to invest in any expensive hardware or software, nor suffer disruption from system software updates. Our systems are fully scalable, so you only pay for what you use. Your operating costs can simply move in line with your income, so with our help your business can comfortably grow when you’re ready to grow.

Straight Forward Management

Our solutions are designed to give you complete control over how your calls are answered and routed. Changes can be implemented in real-time via our secure and easy-to-use online portal. You don’t need to be a telecoms expert to use it; however, our engineers and account managers are always on hand to answer your questions.


Key Benefits from our Feature-Rich Solutions

  • Call recording with online storage, search and playback

  • Multiple distribution methods including direct delivery, hunt groups and queueing

  • Working hours and special dates together voicemail delivered through email

  • IVR menu builders with custom prompt uploading for skill-based routing

  • Real-time call reporting and management information

  • Full availability of UK number prefixes to work in conjunction with existing telephony

  • International PSTN and Toll-free numbering options

  • Fully configurable in real-time via our secure online management portal